Hey, I'm Defne 👋

Defne Eroğlu

Software Engineer

Currently I'm working as a frontend engineer. My BS is in physics, I still have some passion for it, but I've prefered to develop my career in software development.

Between 2018-2019, I implemented four mathematical models (Fuzzy-CMAES, Fuzzy-AHP, Fuzzy-DEMATEL, Fuzzy-TOPSIS) in C# programming language and than integrated these models to a GIS desktop product for my former company. Then I continued to work as full stack developer with ASP .NET Web Application at the same company for a low code platform product.

I am very passionate to learn how Javascript works from frameworks to browser engines... I decided to make this blog site, both to reinforce what I know and to help other developers.


Development of Spatial Fuzzy Decision Support System (Mekânsal Bulanık Karar Destek Sisteminin Geliştirilmesi) Zeydan, M , Bostancı, B , Oralhan, B , Eroğlu, D , Aydıner, U, (2020). EJOSAT.